Faculty and Staff Services

The Student Health Center provides the following services for LSU faculty and staff.

Programming Support
The Wellness and Health Promotion staff would like to collaborate with all faculty and staff to ensure that the physical, emotional, and mental needs of students are met in a caring and professional manner. Since faculty and staff can play an important role in the lives of students -
as teachers, mentors, and employers - we would like to support you in helping students make wise choices and learn to deal with life as autonomous adults. Towards that end, we would like to invite you to:
  • Contact us directly at 225-578-5718 or through Ask Mike with any questions or concerns about student wellness that you would like
    to address.
  • Request a presentation to provide information and resources for your class or organization.
For more information on Health Education Programming, please view the Programming Services page.

Allergy, Immunization, and Travel Medicine
The Student Health Center provides allergy injections to faculty and staff for a fee. Please contact the Student Health Center Injection Clinic for more information about pricing and allergy services. Note: We do not have an allergist on staff. Allergy testing/vial mixing must be done prior to presenting to the LSU Student Health Center for administration of injections only.

Employees traveling out of the country on LSU business may obtain required immunizations and/or prescriptions from the Student Health Center by appointment. They must present an approved Request for Authorization to Travel, AS292, upon check in and are responsible for charges incurred. If an employee’s department is paying for the required immunizations and/or prescriptions, the employee must present a written departmental authorization with the following information: employee name, LSUID, purpose and dates of travel and account number to charge.

Flu Shots
Flu shots are available to faculty and staff. There is a charge of $20.

Faculty and staff are eligible to purchase over-the-counter medications at the LSU Student Health Center Pharmacy at a discounted rate.

LSU employees may use the Student Health Center for any laboratory studies ordered by their personal healthcare provider. These orders should be faxed to 888-971-4412 or written on a prescription pad with the provider's phone number and fax number. Results will then be faxed back to the ordering provider. No laboratory studies will be done without an order from an outside provider. This ensures that all results, particularly abnormal results, will be addressed by a healthcare provider who is responsible for the individual's care.

The LSU Chemistry Profile is offered by the Laboratory to LSU faculty and staff by appointment for a $30 fee. The Profile includes a lipid panel (cholesterol, triglycerides, and HDL cholesterol), glucose, iron, and liver and kidney function tests. It requires a written or faxed order for the LSU Chemistry Profile from an outside provider, as noted above. There are additional charges for other tests ordered. Please call 225-578-5694 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Mental Health Consultation Concerning your Student
For further information, please view the Mental Health Staff Resources page

Worker's Compensation
Worker's Compensation is filed for LSU full, part-time, or student worker employees when they are injured while performing their duties. An employee first reports to his/her supervisor who gives the employee an authorized statement to present to the Student Health Center. The employer must also fill out a Report of Injury form to send to Human Resource Management Employee Benefits in Thomas Boyd Hall.
For more information about Worker's Compensation, and to view care during after hours, click here.
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